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Privacy Policy


Thank you for getting in touch with us and accessing our website. We at BadIndies respect your privacy and want to protect your personal information and regard it as confidential. In order to learn more and gain some insights on how we deal with privacy issues, please continue reading read this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains how we ask you for personal information and why we do that and how does it help us and lastly, we do not disclose your personal information but under certain conditions if we have to disclose your personal information then we do it if we are ordered by government authorities. By visiting the site directly or through a different site, you accept the practices described in this Policy.

Data That We Collect:

We ask you for your personal information such as your contact information which include name, e-mail address, mobile/telephone number, address and billing/shipping information such as credit card number, visa card Number shipping address, etc. We take full responsibility for all the personal data that you provide us with, that we obtain when you subscribe to our newsletter if any.

How Do We Use Your Data?

We use the information you have given to us to fulfill our commitments to you and to provide you with the goods, products or services that you have ordered from us. With the information you have given us we make sure that you would shop with us again by sending you information and new offers that are up for grabs so that it may benefit you. E-mail marketing is done to give you the updates of our latest happenings and offers. We do not necessarily send out e-mails to everyone, rather we analyze the data you have provided us with and based on our software algorithm, we target the right market for the right product. Also, based on the relevant government rules and regulation we may or may not delete the data you have provided us with. Please note that we will never use your personal information against you nor will we share your personal information will anyone unless relevant authorities are involved.

What Data or Information Do We Require To Share With Third Party?

BadIndies may share your data information with third party or affiliates of BadIndies who perform services on our behalf or process authorized transactions. The data information we share with these companies to perform services on our behalf is protected via contractual agreements and cannot be shared.

Your Account Protection:

You are free to create an account on our website whenever you like. You will be required to provide the details the form asks and you are free to choose a password of your own. With this password that you create, you will be able to access the account whenever you like. In the event of you forgetting the password, you will be asked to provide us with your e-mail address so that your password can be retrieved. In order to change your password, you’ll be asked to do the same. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your account, BadIndies will not be held responsible whatsoever. By creating an account on the website, you are agreeing to accept the responsibility of all the activities that are taking place under your name or account. We shall reserve the right to refuse, delete and edit accounts or its content with or without prior notice. We do not owe any explanation to anyone.

The Rights You Have:

You reserve the right to ask for access to the personal data which we may hold or process about you. As mentioned earlier, we store the data in order to analyze the data for marketing purposes. You also reserve the right to have us to change any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant information in your data. At any stage, you also have the authority to ask us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.


We work hard to deliver the right information to our audience and viewers. However, in the event of any errors in content, pricing or product placement, we are deeply apologetic for it but if we are to receive orders for products for which are wrongly placed with incorrect pricing then we have the right to cancel the order or reconfirm it once the right information is restored. Please note that we do this because it is not feasible for us to take a hit on freight charges.


The acceptance of cookies is not a necessity for visiting our website. However, to get the best service out of our website, the acceptance of cookies is recommended. With the activation of cookies, you will be able to properly use our add to cart feature and get your orders placed efficiently. A cookie is a small text file that is saved to, and, during subsequent visits, retrieved from your computer or mobile device. Ethnicities cookies to enhance and simplify your visit. We do not use cookies to store personal information or to disclose information to third parties. There are two types of cookies: permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for no longer than 12 months. Session cookies are stored temporarily and disappear when you close your browser session.

We use permanent cookies to store your choice of the start page and to store your details. We use session cookies when you use the product filtration function and to check if you are logged in. You can easily erase cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser.


We may edit or amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on our website. Our business changes constantly and we will continue to implement new technologies to improve the services and features we provide. As a consequence, the terms in this Privacy Policy may change also. Please note we may or may not give a prior notice when changing our privacy policy.

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